Metal Bats in College

I was just wonderng people’s opinoin on this. I just got done pitching aganist #23 Witcha State U. and I wore 2 comebackers. 1 in the right kidney, in which I still threw the kid out :slight_smile: (in a bases loaded jam)

and the other one was right off my TommyJohn repaired elbow. I didnt even see the 2nd one, something just told me to cover my face.

If I wouldn’t have put my elbow up I would have wore it between the eyes, but luckily my funny bone got in the way :o. My whole right arm went numb for 5min…but I did finish the inning w/o damage and the next :slight_smile:

Brings me to my question.

Should they go to wood in college baseball?

The two that I got it with came back at me at 110 and 116mph respectively.

The only reason why I know this is because a scout was jokin with me and said I was lucky I didnt have to go to the hospital.

If your interested in seeing what 110mph to the skin looks like its here. You can count the seams :slight_smile:

Wow, it looks like there was a red tatoo of a baseball on your back, don’t know how you finished the inning, let alone kept going.

Wood would definately be the way to go, but whether or not I see that happening I don’t know.
Not only would it make pitching inside effectively and often possible, but it would really force hitters to learn how to hit.
For one thing I know scouts would absolutely love hitters switching to wood because there wouldn’t be any more kids being absolutely roping the baseball in college, and never doing anything in proball because they don’t know how to use a small sweet spot of wood.

A great article written can be found here:

It discusses are the reasons that college should be wood, and why it may or may not happen.

A lot of what it discusses is about coaches not wanting to loose their cushy sponsorship deals with companies.

The danger level for a pitcher is rediculous, even in high school there are some pretty scary shots, however in High school a lot of kids have yet to learn to drive it up the middle hard, and are still dead pull on any pitch.

I can’t remember what state it was, but I want to say somewhere in the North East they use wood in High School because a pitcher was actually killed by a comebacker (not trying to scare anyone).

On another note, I believe that the Arizona Juco baseball league uses wood bats. One of the guys on the University of Kentucky came over from that, and they talk about how he absolutely rips the ball every time at bat because he has been using wood.
Basically from that I mean, safety is a definate reason, and improved skill is a huge plus.

the semi pro league I’m playing in switched to wood this year basically to save money on insurance

I really like hitting with wood, practicing with wood and i’d like to see it changed all the way down to the little league levels. I truely believe hitting with wood makes you a better hitter. People say the ball comes off aluminum so much harder then with wood, and I guess technically that can be proven to be true but I really don’t notice a difference, if you hit the ball on the sweet spot (which i’d imagine was what happened with your two comebackers) the ball is gonna be smoked either way. When taking batting practice I hit just about as many HR’s with wood as I do with aluminum, with aluminum I don’t have to hit it as square obviously

I really don’t think, as far as danger for the fielders, that aluminum is anymore dangerous then wood based on my experiences…I just think hitting with wood would improve the overall talent pool and that’s why I believe they should switch

I know the Great Lakes Valley Conference(DII) in the midwest uses wood bats and have had great success with it. I would love to see it in the future but I’m afraid that might be some time before it happens.

It has always struck me as a little odd in the first place. High school and college football teams don’t use a Nerf football do they? It seems very weird that college baseball has taken something so significant to the core of the game as the bat itself, and changed it so dramatically from pro ball. It seems like one of those things that changed a little more and more each year that no one notices the differences between the original aluminum bats and the lightening rods being used today. Sometimes I just laugh when I pick up the new issue of B. A. and see the advertisements or when a kid comes to practice with the newest model.

Sorry for the rant, had to get some things off my chest concerning the issue. By the way, you guys knew that I am a pitching coach right?

juco’s here in WA use wood. In high school we practised with wood and played with wood bats for all of the non-league games then switched to aluminum for league.

I see more and more wood bat tournaments popping up during the summer. I hope the trend continues with colleges and high school baseball.

I would encourage all hitters to practice with wood as much as possible and for coaches to explain the reasons to them as to why they should hit with would and why it makes them better hitters. Not just using the “sweet spot” but in how to get to pitches, not coming around the ball and not dropping the bat head.

My high school’s conference switched to wood bats a couple years ago and it was real bad. Nobody could hit. I would say the average team would score about 6 runs a game with metal, then 1 or 2 with wood. There were a lot of 1-0, 2-1 games. Teams would often get 1 or 2 hits a game. This is highschool though, I think a change would be better suited in college, where the hitters are better. Even better, if a change was to be made I think it should be made in little league. If a kid is forced to use wood the first time he picks up a bat he would have to adjust from using metal to wood.

Yeah wood bats should be used in college like all the posts have stated before. With wood bats hitters would become better hitters and pitchers could be a lot more effective inside. I played in a few wood bat tourneys last summer and it was like night and day pitching, balls that normally would be scorched through the infield we fielded it gives pitchers a lil more help.

I think that it is stupid that college players use metal bats at that level…but on the other hand, if they didnt, there would be no sponsorship money from major bat brands and being in a team would be alot more expensive!

i still think they should use wood though!

RTusk40 what game did u pitch i was at one i am from terre haute
i go to south.

I threw Friday night

I play in a wood bat amateur league and the difference between metal and wood is TREMENDOUS … The amount of rockets guys are hitting with wood absolutely pales in comparison to metal … I think hitting with metal is completely unfair to pitchers… and it makes batters seem way better than they are.

I took a linedrive right off the thigh in an independant game in high school. Hurt like a b***h. I ended up running the ball down and throwing it away to first. Looked like someone stuck half a baseball into my leg it was so swollen.
Buttt, I went on to pitch through the end of the inning and through the next 2, I also took a 1 hop bullet off the bicep.
Nice bruise by the way…
I wouldn’t mind using wood through highschool to be honest. I use wood in BP, and I like it.

yeah something needs to change so pitchers dont keep being used as batting practice targets.

In the NE-10 (northest 10, DII) they use wood all season long, and then when it comes time for states, regionals, super regionals etc. they start to use metal again. I am transferring from a JUCO to Franklin Pierce this year, and hope to be as sucessful with these wood bats.

Good luck at Franklin Pierce, it’s a great baseball school. One of the best D2’s in the country.

J husk is right ab the sponsership money, think of all the bats used in the college world series, its all marketing, every kid wants to use the bats that were used in the college world series, just like how they all put all that pine tar and tape around the bats, I see it more and more. I know this is an extreme but think of it as getting rid of cigarettes. Yes, it would greatly increase the health of our country, however, cigarettes are a major contributor to our economy. I dont know if well be seeing much change in college and aluminum bats. Maybe division three or two because they dont get the tv time that the big boys do.

Everyone acknowledges that aluminum bats out perform wood. The fact is pitchers have more time to react when a ball is struck by a wood bat. The sweet spot is smaller and the trampoline effect doesn’t apply. My son has dodged a few line drives already. Check out the attached video…Cue to 1:30 near the end of the clip.

Bats that bend don’t win…

sponsorships could be gotten from wood bat suppliers just like aluminum. One major reason I have seen that HS and college refueses to go back to wood is they claim too many bats would break and would cost too much for 8-10X the amount of bats they would have to buy vs aluminum. I believe wood bats should be used in every level of baseball. Talent level would increase and it would be only the real hitters playing. No 7 inch sweet spot like on these aluminum bats making bloop singles, raising ERA’s and batting averages.

Agreed. There should be only wooden bats even though the bats breaking and the money would be a problem…preventing injuries would be worth it 8)