Met ferguson Jenkins tonight

spoke at opening ceremonies, and the banquet for westerns. So cool to meet him.

You are lucky :smiley: , it would be even cooler to talk pitching with him, I bet much of how they manage pitchers now makes him scratch his head.
As someone who grew up watching him pitch, I can tell you he made it look easy, an unbelievable athlete. He could hit too. Always a gentleman, seeing him and Ernie Banks on the same team just seemed to make the Cubs so much the team you wanted to win.

he hit like .255 one year or something like that he said. and played junior B hockey at 15, which is unreal. His original drema wasplaying in the NHL for boston, started pitching at the age 15. Played with the harlem globetrotters. Amazing guy, so nice, got an autographed ball, program, and shook his hand