Mesh Pitching Gloves

Here’s an interesting thought that came up one afternoon, years ago, when I watching one of our pitchers in the bullpen.

He’d get up, on his own, motion to our bullpen catcher that he wanted to toss, then go for a few motions - signal “that’s enough”, then sit back down. He then started fiddling around with his glove.

I walked over to him and asked if everything was ok? He showed me that he wanted to get a better feel that day on his overall balance, movements, etc. One of the things that he did was to drop fishing-weights deep into the fingers of his glove. He did this a few times, add to, then taking out, until he felt set. Of particular attention were the thumb and the pinky finger of his glove. Why, I don’t know.

I never saw this before, nor did any of this teammates. But, before long, he wasn’t alone with this.

I’ve tried it and it didn’t do a thing for me. But then, that was me.

Coach B.

I deleted the original post … was SPAM from a POS baseball glove company. Happy Holidays!