Mentally getting over an injury

Okay so I sprained my elbow about 2 months ago, but I am fully recovered. I am starting to throw again, but I have this fear of being reinjured. And randomly, I will be afraid to straigten my arm for fear of reinjury. Does anybody have any advice about how to mentally get over this injury?

It takes time and lots of “controlled” reps to build up your confidence in your elbow. It will come if your elbow is truly healed.

I am coming back from a submuscular ulnar nerve transposition…I have found that like the above post stated, doing all the rehab, controlled reps definitely help. Eventually you just have to go against what your brain is telling you though and just throw a couple times and you will begin to feel better and more confident. Throwing and trying not to hurt yourself is a good way to hurt yourself!

There’s an interesting psychological concept called the “law of reversed effect”, which simply states that the harder you try to do something the more difficult it gets. That’s what you’re up against here—trying not to reinjure yourself, and what you’re doing is setting yourself up for just that. This is what batters in hitting slumps are up against—the harder they try the worse things get. So what do you do?
You stop trying. Assuming that your arm injury is completely healed, you should forget about it. Just play catch. don’t think about anything else. Eventually you’ll get your arm strength back. 8)