Mentality of a pitcher


I have had troubles with pre game and on the mound. I am not sure what I should do mentally before a game starts. I also have trouble focusing in the mound. I have a lot of wild pitches. I actually seem to do better when I stop thinking. How should I focus? What should be mental state be while pitching?


When you are having trouble focusing, what are you thinking about? The reason I ask is that I’ve never had trouble focusing unless I am struggling and it only lasts a few pitches before I can get my focus back. I find it easiest to get back on track by focusing on the next pitch every pitch. Discard the positive and the negative of anything in the past–including previous pitches-- and make the next pitch the best pitch you can deliver at that time.


Visualization can help you focus. Mentally visualize yourself throwing your pitch with the velocity and movement it should have and hitting your spot.


I know what you mean, you need to focus, but use muscle memory. Don’t over analyze situations too much thinking, it’s 0-3 I need to not screw up and be thinking about that the entire time. You need to be aware of this but don’t then just go and try and blow it past the hitter the next pitch and hit the dirt.