Mental rest from baseball


Is it healthy to take about a month to not think about baseball? I’ve heard coaches tell me when I’m slumping to “relax, watch tv and don’t talk about or think about baseball”. Right now I’m injured and taking a 2 month rest and I’m mentally exhausted from all the baseball I’ve played this year. Can’t imagine what it’s like for major leaguers! Anyway, I’m just wondering if it’s a good idea to just not think about baseball for the first month of rehab?


It all depends on the person. I know studs that can’t name 5 starters on the all star team. I however know a lot. If I’m not playing or working out, or watching baseball, I’m looking at the top prospects in my class. I guess I take breaks sometimes, maybe play madden instead of the show. But just do what you feel is right. I don’t think you will be able to do 2 months… Lol


That advice that you got about relaxing is 100% on. A man can concentrate so much on this game that it’ll eat away at you and drive you nuts! you’ll end up thinking about thinking, second guessing yourself and others, finding fault with yourself mostly, then soaking in self pity if you’re not careful.

One of the strangest guys I ever coached was a guy that dropped out of college in his junior year because of finances. I saw him play for his college ball club and I was so impressed that the following season he was pitching for us.

Now this guy was in and out of the mental game it kind of bothered me for a while. BUT, this was his way of clearing his mind, settling down, breath-exhale-breath-exhale. So I dropped by his room one afternoon just to see how things were going. I entered his room and he wasn’t bunking with anyone. He paid for a room all by himself.

Come to find out he was studying to be a entomologist in college. Somehow I never picked that up. In any event, he had trays upon trays - drawers like covered in Plexiglas, full of bugs stuck with pins. Beatles, moths, spiders, and stuff that I never saw before. ( no wonder he was alone)

So look, find something to occupy yourself with that’ll take your mind off baseball. Be flexible enough to discipline yourself to do the job when called for, but then let it go. Heck, stick a bug if it makes you feel good. Just be mindful how others might react to your mental gymnastics. (My guy gave me the creeps.)


Great advice once again coach b. yeah i’ll probably stay away from sticking bugs lol


lol. just 1 month. gonna be tough. another thing is i wan’t to go watch my brothers game tonight but even that will get me thinking about baseball and getting stressed about errors and walks blah blah blah. why can’t i just enjoy watching a ballgame? lol


After my first real coaching job as a pitching coach, I was critical about anything and everything I watched during a game. Even the interviews prior to and after the games. (MLB)

I could pick out the banter… “Well Mel, we’re a young team going forward…” You gotta be kidding me, a young team?

Finally my Mrs. had it… flip the TV channel with the remote and I was stuck watching British soap operas on PBS. Funny about that… I really got into that stuff for a while.

I started to watch youth baseball at our local park up the street, but there I kept my mouth shut and my opinions to myself. Somehow I knew better.

Now… back to the TV. My wife came up with a real winner for me. Every time I started to get vocal about a game I was watching… she had a bowl of marshmallows in front of me and I’d pop in one of those campfire beauties each time I felt the urge to criticize or come unglued. Kind of hard to be overly vocal when the only thing to come out is going spit-touiee with a marshmallow across the room or yelling out… mumphmmmwhummzzzpph. Either way I felt like an idiot, more than I would otherwise.

So, if bugs aren’t your thing… try a mouth full of marshmallows. Bon Appétit !