Mental preperation drill

Well I read and interesting book by randy johnson a few weeks ago and i came across a “drill” that idk call me crazy may help.

1.)view a large area of something like your bedroom wall
2.)view something smaller on your room such as your door
3.)view to something smaller such as your door knob
4.)view something smaller such ass the key hole.

So i dont know, but i do each for about 10 seconds and it seems like my whole control is better.

So tell me what you think?

How would looking at stuff in your bedroom help control on the mound??

I get what you’re going at but just explain that to me? :slight_smile:

There is a program called Mind Mastery For Pitching and it is devoted strictly to the mental side of pitching. It contains a DVD titled Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, and a 30 minute CD titled Becoming A Winning Pitcher.

The DVD explains how they use muscle testing to determine if the right or left hemisphere of the brain is switched on or switched off. When a hemisphere is switched off a pitcher may throw a wild pitch or walk a man with the bases loaded. The key to achieving peak performance as a pitcher is to keep both hemispheres of your brain switched on during your starts. The DVD shows you how to do it.

The CD is a pre-game mental preparation regime that will help you mentally prepare for your start. The Mind Mastery For Pitching program is available at Hope that helps.


Here, is an article that provides a basic visualization drill. This should help you stay focused in games and is similar to what RHShuler had mentioned but is specifically tailored to baseball. (See link below name).

Jack Elliott

The problem with visualizing is that some players cannot visualize because they have the right hemisphere of their brain switch off. You need some way to switch on both hemisphere of the brain in order to achieve peak performance on the mound. There is a website that offers a program for the mental side of pitching at