Mental prepareness

Before games I to music like Metallica and ACDC to get me awake and focused. Then I listen to music like Pink Floyd, The Doors, etc. Is this a good way to get me mentally prepared before the game or is there a better way?

Type of music depends on you

One of the things you can do to mentally prepare for an upcoming game it to use your imagination when you are pitching on the side. When you use your imagination you will access the same information from your subconscious mind as if you were actually doing it.

For instance, when you are practicing imagine yourself in pressure situation like the bases are loaded with two outs. Now throw the pitch you want and see if you can do it. If you can do it while you are imagining it, you can do it in the real situation. That’s because your subconscious mind cannot distinguish between something real or imagined.

If you do not make the pitch you wanted during your imagined pressure situation, keep doing it until you do. Then mentally go to some other pressure situation.

Good luck!