Mental Preparation

I have an upcoming season for my freshman year in high school and I was looking for some advice or things that can help me be mentally prepared, ready, and ahead of everyone else when pitching.

Review all you stuff, make sure your arm feels fine, stay confident, and know what your doing. Staying mentally prepared is super important because you can be as athletic as you want or be as naturaly talented, but if you don’t know anything other than throwing the ball you will have no success. Stay in good shape and keep your arm loose but also comfortable. You will have to focus like heck because your are entering your freshman year so you will be among the youngest on the team.

Good luck my man

I would HIGHLY recommend the book “The Mental Game of Baseball” by H.A. Dorfman

If you are talking about the day of your start, do basically nothing. If it’s an evening game do some light stretching then lay around. Lay on the couch and
channel search. Watch a MLB game or YouTube vids of great pitchers making great pitches. Maybe go through you opposing teams hitting report if you have one if not tell your coach you need help with a scouting report. If he knows baseball he can scout hitters just by reading box score details and maybe find some vid on your opponent. But that and the game plan should have been done 1 day before your start so you not feel pressured on start day. Pressure on start day is bad. Don’t go swimming and hang out at the pool that will use up energy. Don’t go on a run or a bike ride. No drama, no emotion. You want the emotional peak of the day to happen on the mound. By laying around and doing basically nothing you are winding your body and mind up like a spring so that you can deliver your best physical, mental and emotional performance. Show up having saved everything for the start. Naps are good. Start day is a good excuse to be lazy. Then give your body a long warm up before you start throwing.