Mental part 13 year old

When I described getting the hips moving forward sooner/faster, that was in reference to the tempo issue.

Regarding the fastballs in the dirt, I’d be suspicious of the glove pull and the late postural tilt. But I’d focus on increasing the tempo first as that may automatically “clean up” some of these other issues a bit as a result.

Thanks Roger, we’ll work on it.

Make him watch Bull Durham, he’s thinking to much on the mound if thats the only time it happens. When hes in the pen or lessons and he throws good. Gets in the game and start to think about it and probably tries to aim his pitches instead of just throw them, I used to do the same thing when I was younger. If you havent seen it you might want to watch it first so you can skip the steamy parts if you dont want him watching it. Im a freshman in college and my old man still quotes that movie to me before I pitch. “Dont think meat, it will only hurt the team”

Haven’t thought about that movie in years, was a good one best I can remember. Thanks for the advice; we’ll give it a shot (especially now that you have me wanting to see it again). He’s shown a lot of improvement in last couple of outings. PC had him speed up as Roger advised. He’s also had him mixing pitches more (during lessons); thinks changing release points on different pitches problem due to just starting to throw the curve. Threw only FB & change until recently.