Mental block when throwing curve, mechanics get messed up

i know i can throw very good curveballs, because i have done it before… but this season, in games, they’ve been awful, and i mean so bad I have know idea where they go… they can go 5 feet behind and above the batter or 5 feet to the left in the dirt…

the problem is mental and then it becomes mechanical …

when i throw a curve in a game, i just can’t help but get freaked out by it … i’m thinking – oh my god, i want the ball to go there before it breaks there … it seems like such a delicate and complicated pitch to throw that my mechanics get all out of wack…

has anyone else ever dealt with this ?

when i thorw my fastball or change i’ve been right on point and pretty good mechanically, but make me throw a curve and my whole delivery gets jumbled.

it’s killing me, b/c i need that breaker to be most effective.

You need to get to where you have confidence in the pitch. Confidence comes from two things: (1) knowing that you’ve prepared the best you can and, (2) success. (1) normally has to precede (2) so it seems to me you simply need more practice throwing that curve.

probobly right roger … thing of it is, i used to have a very mediocre ‘show me’ curve… but then in the pre-season this year i fooled around with a new grip and it was devastating hitters, reeeeaally sharp break that got me pretty excited … but then when the games started counting the pitch totally left me.

There’s an old story—maybe it’s an old poem—about a centipede who had no problems getting around until one day a curious frog asked him how he knew which foot to put down first. He started thinking about it, and suddenly he couldn’t walk. I was reminded of this while reading about the problem you’re having with the curve ball.
It sounds to me as if you’re too caught up in the minutiae of the mechanics of that pitch. Let’s stop for a minute and apply the principle of Occam’s Razor, which in the simplest terms says “cut out the crap”. You found a good grip. Now, when you throw the curve, just use the same wrist action as you would when delivering a karate chop or pulling down a window shade rapidly. Remember to keep the ball down. And that’s it, in a nutshell. :wink: 8)

be a thoughtless, ninja centipede … my new mantra