MENTAL APPROACH to throwing harder

If you want to gain 5-10 Mph you need to be mentally strong.

Things to think when pitching if you want to throw 5-10 mph faster:

THROW HARD {Focus on really throwing hard}
TRUST FASTBALL {THrow it hard in the strike zone}

Things to think of that helpped me gain aroudn 10mph in one week.

Just focus on going quick to the plate and LET IT RIP harder then I normally do. If you mentally picture your self throwing harder you will be able to.

The mental part is 90% of the game and that means that you need to focus alot on it. You need to think you can blow any hitter away and trust in the fastball.

Maybe you can get 10 MPH in 1 week like me?

how hard do you throw now since u added 10 mph

he throws about 75

Thats harder then most kids in my area that are my age.

anyone that throws harder than 65mph throws harder than most. wat a stupid statement. The mental side of pitching doesnt increase speed. Thats like thinking you can fly and then doing it.

Believe me, if it worked id be throwing 90+, but i dont therefore your wrong. Most people i no think they throw hard and want to throw harder. Hard and constant work ethic gives you speed.

You prolly had a growthspert, your timing changed, or your mechanics changed slightly.

Trust me it was mental approach to throwing a baseball. Some kids just throw. I was throwing hard because I trusted in my mind that I could throw harder then ever.

All I know is thinking this has increased my velocity about 10 mph. If you think you can’t throw hard you will not. But if you know and trust in your body it can do alot of things you din’t think it once could do.

MENATL PART OF THE GAME IS 90% and PHYSICAL IS 10%. From 1 start to the next I didn’t change anything phyiscally only mental approach.

I disagree with you big time. When people say baseball is 90% mental they are talking about the game as a whole, not the single act of throwing a baseball hard. How hard you throw is probablly 99% physcial (mechanics, genetics, strength) and 1 % mental. As it has been previously stated I can think about throwing 98 mph until im blue in the face but I’m not randomly gain 15 mph on my fastball. If all you had to do then why wouldn’t everyone be able to throw 98 mph. Once you got to 98 why wouldn’t you just start thinking about 108mph??? Maybe it was mechanical ofr you, or a growth spurt but you did not think 10 mph onto your fastball.

For me it wasn’t mechanics or growth spurt it was changing my thinking on the mound.

I thought to think I can blow theses kids away and I will and what happened next I threw 10 mph faster. Maybe it’s because my thoughts lead to being more explosive. But i know it was changing my thinking and trying to do the impossible and throw harder and gain mph with out doing much different.

Pitching is all mental. You mind controls the body and what ever you tell the mind to do the body will follow ok.

So train the mind before the body and then you will be more sucsessfull.

Explain how I gainned 10 mph with out changeing anything physically? IN 100 Pitches remember.

What did you do to train your mind?

Ok i tried thinking like a pro throwing 95 but I still only threw about 80. To prove that pitching is menta I would like you to mental yourself up to 95 by next week. If you can do that you have me convinced.

[quote]Pitching is all mental. You mind controls the body and what ever you tell the mind to do the body will follow ok.

So train the mind before the body and then you will be more sucsessfull.

Explain how I gainned 10 mph with out changeing anything physically? IN 100 Pitches remember.[/quote]

You sound like someone like Dick Mills who preaches something that will help you but makes it seem like it’s the one thing that has to do with pitching.

The question is how do you know you throw 10 mph harder, since you haven’t been gunned? I’m not saying you aren’t throwing 10 mph harder but just asking how do you know.

Mental Training to me is focus on throwing harder imagine myself throwing harder with good mechanics. Also training my mind to think I can throw harder now then before. It’s all about the mentallity you have when pitching.

My mentallity that helped me throw harder is JUST THROW HARD.


I went into the game and was able to do it. And i didn’t change anything in my mechanics only my thoughts about pitching like THROW HARD.

Oh my goodness…

RIStar you are really outdoing yourself here. This advice is possibly some of the worst I have seen on this site. Trying to throw as hard as you can will just flatten out the pitch and make it easier to hit. It will also lead to failures in mechanics when the person tenses up and tries to muscle the pitch.

I am calling shenanigans on this post. You sir, are full of shenanigans.

Well its good advice because I did it and for some reason I gainned around 10 mph explain that to me? in only a week without changing mechanics or anything?

it may not be that you’re throwing that much harder at all. you’ve probably been pitching well and it’s probably more of a confidence thing than a velocity spike.

It was a velocity Boost by alot as a pitcher You can tell. And a coach that has coached me alot even said he never seen me throw that hard. And my catcher even said it too.

When The best of the best All-stars swing and miss that late and before they wouldn’t then you know that there was a boost. You could see that there was a boost not hard to tell lol.

RIStar, Didnt you just say picking up Tim Lincecum’s Mechanics- or style of mechanics, i dont remember which you chose- added 13 mph onto your fastball? So either you’re telling us A) you realized it was your mentality, or B) You have added +23 mph onto your fastball in a week. lol

Also, I agree you must have the mentality you can throw it by anyone and pitch well. You need that confidence. Without it you most likely wont pitch well. But just having confidence will not give you a massive increase in velocity, like 10 mph! Yes, your mind controls your body. And, yes, whatever you tell your body to do, it will do. But there are exceptions. If your arm or body is not strong enough, mature enough, or able to throw 90 mph, then it wont, no matter how much you tell yourself you can.

The mechanics the 1st start made me throw a little harder like 2-3 mph nothing to big but better. Then when I had my next start without changing anything with the mechanics I started doing some things to focus on throwing harder and It happend i started to throw about 10 mph more.

The mechanics stayed the same.

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