Memo to johnny cello

Memo to Johnny Cello:
Yes, it does seem that way. The fact is, when I played it was always by major league rules, and when I really learned the ins and outs of pitching I had an incredible pitching coach who was an active major leaguer, a key member of the Yankees’ legendary Big Three pitching rotation of the late 40s to the mid-50s, and what I learned from him was nothing short of priceless. So the least I can do is pass on something of what I learned from him with the hope that it will help some of the younger pitchers who post on these boards.
And yes, I did write a short book a few years ago, on how to win twenty games without a fast ball (such was the title). It was part memoir and part pitching instruction, detailing how I met Ed Lopat and what I learned from him. I’m thinking of revising and expanding the book, and I’ll keep you posted on my progress in this endeavor. So, in a way, if you feel you’re talking to a pro, you may be right; at times I certainly feel like one. :slight_smile:

If you revise it I’m sure everyone would enjoy reading it.

Do you know where can I read the book?

I have just placed an order with my publishing firm for a number of extra copies to be shipped so I can fill orders as they come in. In the meantime you can order direct from Baltimore, attention Andy Rubin who runs said bookstore. The title is “How To Win 20 games Without A Fast Ball”, and the price is $18.95, no tax. Have fun. 8)