Meeting a coach tomorrow. HELP!

I’m meeting with a coach of a smaller college tomorrow morning to gauge out a scholarship offer. i’d be playing for this school off the get go and get good experience. how should i go about implying i need a big scholarship to go there? what should i say? HELP

I take it the offer you are “guaging” is not sufficient? How far off is it from your needs?

Rather than simply go fishing for a better offer, you should have a very well-thought out idea of what you need. You should also have a realistic idea in mind, relative to the standards of the program you are considering, as to whether your scholarship needs happen to agree with the level of assets you would bring to their program.

IMO, you should be honest and straightforward with the coach…what’s the sense of beating around the bush if their scholarship offer is absolutely not going to be sufficient for you to attend that college and you don’t have any other resources? If you really, really want to be part of their program, be honest about that, too…it might make a difference. Also, the coach may be able to talk you through some things that you haven’t thought about clearly enough yet. Lots of guys are extremely happy to receive partial scholarships and there may be additional ways to help finance your education that you haven’t thought of.

i’m 17 and top at 83. they don’t have a pitcher going over 84. it’s not the best baseball, but a great school

If its a great school then think of the education possibility and the ability to play baseball as a super perk, Yes you should try and get the best opportunity for you but the educaiton is #1 and you should ask many more questions about the education vs the baseball. What about the school, the history, programs offered, then baseball and what is available there and how they see you fitting into their program. Financial assistance and scholarship opportunities including academic as well as sport. Ask how you stack up to the rest of the players at that level and what they want you to do to improve yourself prior to day 1.