So us pitchers have been given a rep that we all have our own superstitions. But have anyone of you ever heard of a pitcher meditate before he pitches? Like a friend of mine said there is a pitcher trying out for his college team and on days where he has classes before practice/tryouts he can’t repeat mechanics, can’t locate, and has basically no velocity. But on days where he has about an hour of free time before he has to throw he meditates and has “flawless” mechanics, pin point location, and was clocked at 92. The kid says that when he meditates it allows him to control his body perfectly so he can do what he wants when his body is in that state. So I just thought this was interesting and wouldn’t mind your guys’ opinion on this

Meditation can absolutely help! I’ve done a lot of meditation as treatment for social anxiety.

Basically when done correctly it puts you in a state of mind where you are immensely focused and aware of the little things. Meditation is a wonderful mental practice that can be used in many situations, for me I use it to make social interaction easier, but I have used it for baseball before too.

Another thing that probably contributes to the case you describe is the placebo effect, even though I will tell you meditation is more than just a placebo however it can still have the effect. If you do something routinely and you don’t get a chance to get into your routine you’ll do worse simply because you’ll expect to.

If you want some information on meditation techniques you can find a lot of information all over the internet. If you would like information on the meditation I did as social anxiety treatment you can e-mail me

Whatever form it takes, it can only help.
Before Mariano Rivera even starts to warm up, he takes a few minutes to get himself into a mindset he calls “the eye of the tiger”—a quiet, very intense focus in which nothing exists for him except getting the batters out. He then warms up, and when he comes into the game he takes that focus with him to the mound. We’ve all seen it. It’s more than just a “poker face”. I read an article about him some time back in which he described how he did it.
And how much, or how little, time it takes doesn’t matter. It could be an hour—or ten minutes. Whichever it takes, it’s a means of clearing the mind of all distractions and zeroing in on what has to be done to get the batters out and send them back to the dugout foaming at the mouth. I learned something like that from Ed Lopat a long time ago; he told me that among other things it enabled him to put things in perspective when he lost a game. So go ahead, meditate or whatever you do. As I said, it can only help. 8) :baseballpitcher:

The psychology of sports is sometimes a greater obstacle than all the mechanics in the world, do you want the ball on the bump with 2 outs and the tying run on 3rd…or are you the player that hopes the ball gets hit to someone else? How do you become the leader that all coaches want or the guy that wants the team to ride him to a win.

If it’s meditation that makes it for you then so be it, maybe it’s a game day ritual or meal. How about just stick a pin in a voodoo doll to get rid of the bad mojo…whatever it is you gotta find your thing, your schtick that makes it all work for you.