Medicine balls

what do you guys think of throwing lightly with a medicine ball to gain velocity? like playing catch

I dont think medicine balls would help anything as theyre a completetly different size from baseballs and require different mechanics to throw

Used correctly and under the right parameters med balls can be a great training tool all on there own or along with weights or other excercise. Throwing a baseball is about as balistic as it gets in regards to the action. Medballs duplicate this action in many ways as well as and just as importantly they also help to FACILITATE a action that is key for throwing. If your serious and would like a deeper explanation Id be happy to explain this to you.

they are mainly used for abs though

Hey Chin, are you talking about core rotation/ explosion work with the medball right?

In general terms yes. It should also be stated that one must use some caution even when just working a medball. One component to throwing medballs is utilizing the stretch shortening aspect of muscle. There are also many types of throws designed to develop power. As you eluded to rotational throws with a medball is a great core trainer. In my opinion bench press throws should be a must for throwers but only after they have been training for a while. An example of the actual conversion rate compared to regular weights would probably surprise you. For instance when doing med ball benches [which is just like regular bench presses with weights but the person instead lies on their back with their arms outstretched than a training partner drops a ball from a certain height the person working out catches the ball while as quickly as possible brings it to his chest and throws it back up to the dropper trying to totally eliminate or shorten the time as much as possible that the ball is actually in his hands BUT he must bring to his chest before returning it to the dropper]. A 10 lb. med ball dropped from 40 inches is the equivilent of working out with 90lbs on a barbell as far as it relates to muscles and stress. People do not realize how stressful it can be on the body, a general conditioning program should be completed before one starts a semi-advanced med ball routine. Actually do a search of Vern Gambetta, he has alot of good medball excercises he recommends.