Medicine Balls

Greetings! I was curious about including medicine balls in my work out. I am 15 years of age and about 5 7" 155 lbs. Now i dont have the money to buy 4 different medicine balls, so im wondering what would be the best size for the workouts on this page. Core Stability Exercises

Please get back to me!

-Drew :slight_smile:

Hi Drew,

I am 6ft, 205lbs and use a 6lb medicine ball for all of my med ball work, which include some listed on that site.

For you, I would humbly recommend a 4lb ball.


4-8lbs is a safe bet.

thanks a lot guys. i think a 4 is wat im gunna go with. what exercises would u recommend from that site?

-overhead throws
-ab workouts

I love doing rotational medicine ball work, it shreds my core.

I’d urge you to go with a 6, simply because I think you’ll be done with a 4 really fast. A 6lbs or 3 kilos is a pretty standard and decent weight to do explosive work with. Your a moderate size for your height, and if anything you’ll definitely grow into it and beyond it.

Really, there’s no need to be exact with the weight so anyting in range like Lefty said, 4-8 is a safe bet. I’m just cheap so I shoot for middle ground usually haha.