medicine balls

I’ve been looking online and in stores and found that medicine balls are around 30 bucks…anyone know where i can find them cheaper or is that standard for med balls?

The price will vary depending on how heavy u want it. But normally the cheapest prices are on ebay. and has them, too. But they’re pricey! Mebbe Craigslist? My set – containing 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 kg balls – cost about $300 at the time, partly because I ordered them online and shipping was huge. BUT … you’ve got to have them.

How about Wal-Mart?

You know, one more thing: You probably don’t need a lot of different weight balls. It usually took me a year before I could “graduate” to the next higher weight ball – for instance, going from a 6 kg ball to a 7 kg ball. I bet you could get away with buying your set in parts.

Go for the bouncy ones. They’re more versatile and you can do tons of exercises with them by yourself.

Or you can buy a soccer ball for like 10 bucks cheap cut a hole in it fill it with sand then tape it up but thats a little big makeshift and you might be more serious than that lol. It works.

haha wow bower thats actually pretty genius but thanks for all the help guys i think i might as well just cut loose and buy the 30 dollar one its easier anyway…steven/anyone else what size should i start at anyway?