Medicine Ball

hey guys i just bought a really small medicine ball. About 5 pounds and the size a little smaller than a basketball.

What kind of plyometrics can i do with this to increase my arm strength. we still got 2 games left for the month of may and i am probaly pitching 100 pitches (full game or 7innings) in both of them. But ya i do a weekly workout schedule and would like to include some medicine ball work to increase arm strength and my core. If anyone knows any exercises or links to exercises please post. Thank you.

Trunk twists, granny tosses, squat thrusts, chest passes, etc. Good for you for adding med ball work! You’re going to like the results if you put it to good use!

Here is someone demonstrating Wofford’s use of the med ball.

Here is some links to Eric Cressey.

thanks slewbacca and steven for posting your comments i really appreciate them alot. I have only been using the medicine ball for about 3weeks. And i can already see some improvement in my velocity. Also i now just about have a 6 pack as well.

lol. I remember those days… a looong time ago :slight_smile: