Medicine Ball Workout

I am looking for a good Medicine Ball workout for baseball. My son is 11 and I would like to use a medicine ball for core exercises.Anyone know any good sites or have a routine.


I have some good medicine ball stuff he can do.
Medicine Ball Crunches
One Legged Two Touches
One Leg Squats
Jump Squats
Medicine Ball Power Clean
Russian Twists
Wood Chops
Medicine Ball Spinal Twist
Feel free to ask me any questions about these excercises.

I have anyone - Figure 8

I’m a 19 year old pitcher out of Canada who played one year of JUCO ball last year and was invited to a Milwaukee Brewers training camp next spring after attending an open tryout this past summer. Personally, I think your son is a little young to begin working out for pitching. He’s only 11, correct? Unless he’s an above average size for his age already. I didn’t begin touching weights and doing medicine ball workouts until I was 15.

Hey Walker;
I was going to try a medicine ball and plyometric exercise routine for a Little League team age’s 10 thru 12 yrs. But I talked to a physical trainer who work’s with some professional foot-ball teams and was told that I should not do it with kids this young because of growthplates etc. not being mature enough yet. So I jumped on the internet and looked up medicine ball routines and plyometric exercises and some articles I read confirm what the physical trainer told me. So, I just thought I’d send you this information . Good Luck.

Agreed … medicine ball and similarly explosive exercises may be too much, too early. Light weight training is OK, if supervised — but light means LIGHT.

A better idea than the medicine ball is the swiss ball. There are a ton of swiss ball exercises that are outstanding for baseball and very safe for youngsters. In fact I recommend swiss ball training to all pitchers — of all ages.

I’m interested in this. Has there been any studies to address this problem?

Edit: Found some articles…

Mayo Clinic Article on Kids and Strength Training

Kid’s Health

Basically follows what I had heard already. As long as you dont powerlift or bodybuild before puberty, you are safe.