Medicine ball exercises to increase velocity


What are some medicine ball exercises I can do to increase my velocity? List some exercises and the number of sets and reps. I can’t do the exercises where you have to throw the ball into a wall, because the weight room I use doesn’t allow people to throw a medicine ball into a wall.


If you can’t toss, push, throw or slam the med ball due to space constraints, then there’s no real advantage to doing it. You can’t go outside with a partner?? Find a way. No excuses. Seriously.


What Steven said.
Remember med ball stuff is great for rotational work and working on being explosive, not for strength per say.
Side scoops, over head slams, chest passes, backward overhead tosses, wood choppers ect. There are a lot of variables.
Also, you dont need a big heavy ball…6 lbs to 8 lbs is good. Get the movement down in each throw then do it explosively, with speed and power.
When I do medicine ball throws I dont have a partner even…just a chain link fence by a tennis court.


Up north we have to deal with cold weather. I have a hit away and a modified zip and hit set up in the basement with a couple of pieces of exercise equipment. We push all that to one side and do catching and infield fielding drills. In the garage, where the ceiling is higher, we do medball work and front toss with wiffle balls. Upstairs we have a pull up chin up bar, an exercise ball and some resistance bands attached to a closet door hinge. Where there is a will, there’s a way. I even have the kids throwing a real ball in limited space using a sock drill. When we can get cage and mound time, we do, but the majority of the work is done around the house with screens, wiffle balls, tennis balls and other modified equipment.