Medial epincondilytis for 11 year old

My son played in 2010 from March until late October (couple of months off in late summer). Threw 60 pitches/ weekly in game situations.
During fall ball he rarely pitched, as we concentrated on lower body emphasis. In 2 months he went from 48 mph to 56 mph, while maintaining his accuracy. He also had no pain at all during 2010.
We shut him down from November 2010 until February 2011.
Within 1 month of starting back conditioning/throwing, he was diagnosed w/ medial epincondilytis. The orthopedist didn’t think it too severe after reviewing the x-rays, and recommended normal light throwing to his teammates within the confines of practice.
I also had him use a elbow wrap which allowed him throw without any pain. Also had him ice up, post practice.
My son now has no pain at all, and is playing without the elbow sleeve. He’s also anxious to get back pitching. The Doctor has given his approval to begin pitching again.
Our team has a pitching staff of 8 boys, and we’re very conservative on pitch counts.
The ortho suggested resting him for 2 to 3 days after he pitches.
My thinking is to:
A) bring him back for 1 inning or 20 pitches per game and no more than 40 game pitches a week or…
B) don’t pitch him at all until May rolls around with its warmer weather.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


I would think May, he will still throw and get normal team warmup and game time stuff from his position right, I think you should wait this year till it warms up.

I agree… I might wait for pitching in games next month, but would certainly start throwing bullpens now. Get that arm in shape before game situations, when adrenaline can sometimes mask howtired the arm really is. Good luck and stay positive. I send my best to your son!

If he’s only been doing light throwing up til now, he needs to ease his way back into it. Game time brings adrenaline and that makes pitchers throw harder. I would keep him out of games until he’s properly conditioned via the bullpen. Start off with short bullpens and gradually lengthen them. Same approach with long toss. Proper warm-ups are also imperative.

Waiting for warmer weather like others have suggested sounds like a good idea too. (Living in Phoenix, I don’t normally think about that issue. :think: )

We will indeed have him throw nice and easy bullpen sessions. In fact, that’s what I did yesterday. Scott threw 20-25 pitches to me. Threw his 2, 4 and change… nice and easy.
He did his sleeper stretches post throwing and then we did 10 minutes of cryocup ice work. He felt really good… but we will wait.
Thanks again and wish I checked out your site sooner. Oh well, better sooner than later.
You’re in my favorites bar now.
All the very best!

I agree—wait until the weather warms up, and have him ease back into his normal throwing. Medial epicondylitis (yep, that’s how you spell it) is nothing to fool around with; it does heal in time, but nobody wants to rush it. Arizona—Florida right now with temps averaging around 78-80—it’s starting to heat up the way I like it. You’re on the right track. :slight_smile: