Medial epicondylitis


yeaterday my trainer told me i might have medial epicondylitis in my elbow but didnt have time to explain to me what exactly it means. he just said ice and advil. but i was wondering what i should do to recover from it and how long if affects people


You should definitely go see a doctor. Medial epicondylitis is a serious elbow injury. I had it and it takes a while to get over. I am scheduled for returning to starting in mid april. I had about 6 weeks rest and about 2-3 months for rehab throwing.


just wondering but when you had it did it hurt to bend your elbow in or out and when you threw hard?


At the beginning yes it did both throwing and bending my elbow. It doesn’t hurt anymore when I throw. sometimes the day after it is sore, but thats normal to have some soreness. I would see a doctor, especially if you want to pitch in the future or play baseball in the future. If you are content with just playing a position in the field this year, you could play through it since throwing in field isn’t nearly as stressful as on the mound but thats just what my doctor said to me.


how were you throwing when you came back?


At first really my arm was really stiff and tight, but after a few weeks it became more loose. Now its still not 100%, Id say more around 90%. Im not going to throw off a mound until middle of March and hope to be starting again in the beginning of May


medial epicondylitis can be painful and tough to settle-down. I had medial epicondylitis surgery this past October due to a large tear. Assuming you do not have a tear, the best way to treat this is to ice 6 times a day with an ice cube, stretch (palm up/down agianst a wall), strengthen the area(Dyna-Flex), and do not throw until the pain is totally gone. Trust me on this one!

Good luck!



well now im not too sure becasue over the past week ive continued to lift (yea probably bad idea) and no exercises hurt to do except power clean and curls. would this happen with medial epicondylitis? or is it maybe something else