Medball,5lbers..question for ellis!

Hey Steve, hows it going? As far as medball workouts go, im doing overhead tosses against a wall and side oblique tosses to a partner sitting down. I use a 6 pounder for both. I drop to a 4 pounder after doing a couple sets. What is the lightest weight medball that you should go? I go down to a 3 lber after a month or so. then, should i drop to a 1 pounder? or would that even be benaficial? Or should i start with six and drop down to a five then 4 then 3,2…1? Also as far as using 5lbers doing front raises and the works…i burn out on 5lbers intensively then should i drop to a 4 or 3 pounder then to 1 and continue burning it out? It would seem lagit to me. Hit me back thanks alot!

Jammy, how old are you? Overhead medballs off a wall is a great excercise BUT it should also be noted that the work being done is far more extensive than one really feels. In a nutshell be careful not to overdue these it could lead to some tendonitus if your body is not ready for the stress. When done properly these are great for scap stability as well as cuff work.

tell me about it, my back is as sore as crap.


It’s OK doing the shoulder exercises to failure during the offseason. I never did them that way, but some of my teammates did. No problems at all. But give yourself a solid day or two rest in between shoulder workouts to failure, as it is, of course, more taxing on your arms than doing a more traditional set/rep workout.

I’m not sure I’d do the med balls to failure. Six to eight reps is good enough. Most people can’t keep their form beyond eight reps. If you can, you’re not using heavy enough med ball.

Keep working hard! It sounds like you’re doing a great job.