Medal or Wood?

What are your thoughts of medal bats in college? Do you think they should change to a wood bat in college or stay with the medal bats?

Personally I feel that they should switch over to Wood.

The next levels up from College are all wood bats, so why not hit with wood in college so that by the time a player advances to the next level he won’t struggle ‘learning’ how to hit with wood.

Plus all practises that are done in college are with wood bats.

I think they need to switch to wood. The reaction time that pitchers have on comebacks sometimes feels like nill. I mean it is an advanatge for pitchers, if a college pitcher can dominate big guys with aluminum then I think they shouldn’t have a problem with wood.

But I think for hitters to get a better feel, we need to change to wood and then I think the game will be a lot more of 2-1, 3-2 games instead of 8-7, 11-2 games.

I think would should definately be the bat of choice.
It teaches kids to hit much better, I mean there’s tons of guys that kill with aluminum, but mechanics are bad and can’t find the sweet spot on wood.

For safety I also think so. I mean a batter wears a helmet, and the balls coming around 90mph give or take. A pitcher has balls flying past his head north of 115mph.