Med ball weight

I’m trying to find a med ball for throwing, rotational drills, etc. I have a 20 lb ball and can move it but not as quickly as it should be going for the drills and was wondering what weight MLB pitchers use? Thank you!

It depends what you are working on, Med ball stuff can be used for strength or power. Usually people use them to develop power which means speed. I would recommend a 6-8 lb ball.
A 20 lb ball will probably be too heavy to work on explosive speed. A medball can be used to develop good sequencing in power/rotational movements.
Anyway, a 6 or 8 lb ball is what we usually use and then mix in a 10 lb ball sometimes.

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I have a 6 pound ball. It’s heavy enough that you can tell if you are doing the move incorrectly :wink:

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Awesome ya 6 pounder sounds about right thanks