med ball plyometrics and explosive exercises

Hello everyone i need to add a lot of plyometrics and explosives to my workout any suggestions?

There are so many things you can do with plyo’s and medy ball workouts. As for plyo’s, I actually prefer to follow a dvd, makes things real easy.

There are several things you can do with a medicine ball. Alot of rotational strength and balance can be had. If I were you I’d google some exercises.

I think its good to be focused on these type of workouts, med ball, plyo and don’t forget pilates ! i have been participating in a pilates class for the last 3 weeks and my stamina, balance and overall explosiveness have seemed to skyrocket. i know other people on my team think its a joke but they have never done it. based off the results i have seen so far it is something i think i will continue into the regular season.

I’ve been doing a lot of plyo’s med ball exercises and pilates this fall. My core is stronger than ever and i’m getting more momentum towards home. Pilates is no joke. As far as med ball, i do crunches on a decline bench holding the ball on my chest the entire time, crunches on that same bench with a partner throwing the ball over my head so that i have to catch it and stop my body, then i stay on the decline bench and have my partner alternate sides and i catch it with one hand going back only half way(this works the obliques good), then i’ll do standing overhead throws to a partner like a soccer throw in except i throw it into the ground, i’ll then do side tosses much like a rugby player passes the ball. Another good core exercise that i picked up from some surfers at the gym was to balance on the inflatable balls. They get up on their feet and stand. So far i’ve only been able to balance on my knees and hold for a minute, but it is work. You should really also find a Pilates program, they work great. Everyday at the end of practice the staff does our running then we go through about 12 pilates exercises.