Med ball plyometrics and explosive exercises

Hello everyone i need to add a lot of plyometrics and explosives to my workout any suggestions?

Well, med ball throws are fairly simple. Get a medicine ball that is roughly 5% of your bodyweight and throw it from all angles (overhead, either side, from left knee to right shoulder, start overhead and slam into ground, etc. ). The possibilities are endless.

yes but i need a schedule i can follow in the off season could you give me like a plyo/explosive workout schedule?

I really dont have the time to prepare a full plyo and explosive lifting schedule. Your best bet would be to find a program you can stick with (Ellis, Cressey, Enamait, etc.), buy it and follow the program to the letter. After a while you’ll begin to learn more and you can start making adjustments. That would be one of the best investments you could make.