Only three pitches, the camera only tapes like 70 seconds, dont pay attention to the first pitch, and follow through, they were both bad.

How do the mechanics look?

[I fixed the link for you. -Roger]

You have to click youtube again after the link.

I can’t tell for sure but it looks like you’re either opening up too early and holding on to the ball too long, just considering the fact that a lot of them were low and out.

looks to me like his throwing arm elbow extends early and never flexes back to around 90’ before throwing. it is hard to use your body and maximize leverage when you keep that throwing arm elbow extended. i would loosen it up and let it flex back behind the head. watch clips of greg maddux, he’s one of the best to ever do it.

Your direction is not good. You open up and your body falls off to your left. Just take your lead foot straight to the target and think of staying closed, it can be an easy fix with dry runs.

I would like to see more vid. one from 2nd base view and one from 1st or 3rd base view. Have a couple of ideas but not ready to state them without a better view.