wut is wrong with your mechanics if all the ball are VERY high.

wut is wrong with your mechanics if all the ball are VERY low.

i am just asking cuz some pitchers i know, can bring the ball down. its always at the batters head, over head, at at the belt.

n some ppl just keep throwing the ball in teh dirt,

wut can these ppl do to fix there mechanics

thank u

generally if your throwing high and to your throwing arm side your opening up too early

if your throwing low it could be a number of things but would be of help to see the persons mechanics

what can u do to stop opening up early

stride sideways

keep your shoulders closed until your foot plants

nolan ryan: you cant throw the ball until your foot plants

just have to practice and consciously do it enough times to where it becomes 2nd nature

Gaining early momentum. This will help you to stay closed. If you open up early now and you speed up your delivery but adding more momentum then your hand seperation will be late along with the rest of your upper body, so your lower body opens and then your upper body stays closed until that opens eventually.

My coach figured this out bout throwing high… When ever I wasnt following thru I would end throwing high… So maybe thats it