I realize this is off flat ground and under less the desirable conditions, but it happens.

I see the inverted w as I have seen it before. I believe that leads to timing issues and I believe this is my biggest problem with my mechanics.

I’ll let you guys comments on the rest that you see.

I will also say that the clips are in reverse order(last one I did in real time first)

Here is the clip. There are 3 throws: first in from the wind up, then slide step, and then stretch(full lift).

Let me know what you guys think!

Let me know if there are any issues with the video. I’m posting the link to the video before it finishes uploading. I think it should work fine.

I found this image of Craig Kimbrel. I thought it looked interesting. Kind of looks like he has the inverted w

where is your velocity at? how old are you?

I was clocked at 82 in the spring. 80 this fall. I’m 19 and a freshman in college.

I haven’t been clocked since the fall. I don’t believe I was throwing 2 mph slower in the fall. The people running the radar gun weren’t straight on, so I believe that effected what my velocity clocked at.

I think that I’m throwing faster now, but I won’t be clocked again for a couple of weeks.

Jim, honestly the mechanics look good, except for the obvious inv. W.

Perhaps get a little longer with the GS out in front. This may lead to equal and opposite and eliminate the inv. W. It may also give you a bit longer arm action increasing momentum, which may increase your external rotation as well.

Dude, the entire Atlanta Bullpen picks up the ball with their elbow. It’s funny, if I were you - I would be proud of my mechanics.

I like the rest, but the arm will only get worse the more you try to accelerate it. If it doesn’t hurt - ?

What do you mean by this?

I thought the entire dangerous part of the inverted W was that if you were still in that position by the time shoulder rotation starts it was a bad thing. When I look at your video I see the inverted W, but by the time your shoulders rotate the arm looks to be in a good position. Besides if your arm doesn’t hurt then why be worried about it?

What do you mean by this?[/quote]

You have said before that your arm doesn’t hurt. So, whip it.

I meant that when you start throwing harder, your w will become more evident. There is absolutely no reason why you can’t throw harder, just quit worrying about the w. If you must focus on where you place the baseball before cocking, point it at the shortstop or something.


What is your weight training routine like?