Couple mechanics questions here. First off, i’ve recently taken to having video done of me. and i’ve noticed a few things. i’m not very good at developing momentum would probably be the first one. as i bring my knee up, my body is stationary, i then “sit” on my back leg, drop down, and drive. I’ve always felt that the drop and drive delivery is great for developing power. but after looking at it and other pitchers, i question it. I’ve noticed it flattens the fastball out, not something i’m looking for, and creates less downward movement on all of my pitches. also, every good pitcher ive seen has been moving forward as their knee comes up. Kind of seemingly pushing their hip towards the plate. i’m working on this but i was wondering, will it really help me? i throw low mid 80’s with drop and drive. will there be a velocity dip or gain if i move to this new kind of momentum? and any tips from anyone on gathering momentum and creating late rotation for better velocity?

It would be a lot easier if you posted that video you took. :wink:

trying to get that for ya. not exactly a wizard with computers.