how are my mechanics guys

(front side)

(back side)

also do u have any advise on throwing a curveball because whenever i do it, i always get side spin on the ball

Lot of things I’d like to see corrected.

  1. Get that leg higher and more balanced. If you notice at the end of your delivery you’re literaly falling to the first base side. Thats caused by a drastic loss of balance in your delivery. That should help with…
  2. Lengthen your stride and get a good lead with your hips.
  3. Arm looks fine, I’ll let Chris or DM or Roger elaborate there. Their knowledge far exceeds mine.
  4. Don’t step so far to the side. I did the same thing and that causes your loss of balance.
  5. Get your glove side arm up. With you it drops right away which causes your shoulders to open too soon. If you can keep your hand/elbow up longer and then use it to forcefully open your shoulders later you’ll get more power.
    I think you’ll need to rebuild your mechanics from the ground up to gain control, velocity, and to protect that arm of yours.
    I don’t think you are old enough to work on a curve yet, worry about a changeup.

o ok thanks, i know my delivery probably looks weird but ive never been taught how to pitch at all, see i learned baseball by my neighbor and we just played self-toss baseball in the street so yeah thanks anyways