if you have been critiqued before about mechanics and have great mechanics. what is a good way to increase velocity. what lifts could potentially help. i have great mechanics and still work on being consistent. just want to add a cpl MPH for my JR season

If you want to increase velocity, make sure that when you pitch your GS leg sweeps out and around. This increases hip/shoulder separation, and ultimately increases velocity.

In article titled “Baseball throwing mechanics as they relate to pathology and performance-A review” printed in Journal of Sports Science and Medicine the author said this about throwing velocity:
1."increased maximum displayed shoulder external rotation to be associated with higer throwing velocities in his grop of 127 health college and professional pitchers."
2."they found that ground reaction force directed toward the plate was highly correlated with throwing speed indicating that those who pushed hardest toward the plate …displayed the highset linear wrist velocity."
3. “Among their results was the finding that higher velocity throwers tended to display an increased forward trunk tilt at the moment of ball release.”

These areas are a good place to start.