Mechanics w/ Video

Hello Community,

Long time lurker here.

Brief history: I quit baseball right after tee-ball after taking a ground ball to the gut and having the wind knocked out of. Since then I was scared of the ball. Fast forward to now, I am 23 years old, just got out of the army after 4 years, and at my second year at penn state. I have a lot of friends playing and being a baseball fanatic, I wanted to get into it. After a couple months of doing research, watching videos and reading tons of articles I started throwing pitches with friends and by myself at the local park.

here is a video of myself at the park.

link if embed doesnt work:

my main problem I think is that my sequence is much too slow. it seems fast when I throw it but on video, looks awful. I lead with my hips, use opposing arm action, late shoulder rotation but it just seems like it takes forever to get the ball out of my hand. I play rugby and swim about a dozen times a week, so my athletic condition shouldnt be holding me back too much i wouldnt think. what do you guys think?

I have two pitches I can throw with somewhat consistency, a four seam and a (circle) change.

Sorry about the second half of the video, the camera kind of fell over haha

I will record more this week for better views.

Let me know if I should record at a different angle as well to better view my technique.


Also noticed that I don’t straighten my back arm out while taking my stride. On a change, the hand is still facing to the ground, like a 4 seam right?

This one is from a better angle.

i was having a very bad day, which is good to record I think because it probably shows most of my flaws.

a general summary of how the day went: Missed low and away VERY consistently. when i tried to correct it, the ball went wild at the batter.

what do you guys think?

Honestly, from what I see, you don’t need to pitch right now, you need to throw, play catch, over and over again…nothing is going to get you going in the right direction if you don’t do hours of throwing. You don’t need more mechanics and there isn’t any one thing we can tell you to suddenly go from a good athlete to a thrower and eventually a pitcher, right now you need more feeling and fun!

sounds good to me. I got some friends coming back to college soon. So i’ll have a lot of people to help me out.

These are my grips so far.

I am having a lot of trouble with my change-up. I can either throw it with decent accuracy but with no speed change, or I grip it deeper, drop some speed off it but throw it in the dirt. I don’t know if it is in my grip or in my arm movement.

Also, is my slider grip correct? it feels right when I throw it, but it tends to go high off my index finger.

2 seam looks right, circle change looks right, but then you show us a straight change up which the way you are gripping it is what most of us whould call a 4 seamer. Your 4 seamer has your fingers way to close together, the 4 seamer and 2 seamer are the exact same grips except the direction of the
of the seams.

In order to throw a straight change up, take your circle change grip, extend the index finger forward and hold the ball a little deeper in your hand, let the ball roll off the middle finger and the ring finger.

Curve ball, I think you will get a bigger break if you start with your fingers together on the right side of the ball, use the same wrist action and snap you already are.

Last thing is I don’t know if you need to hold your fastballs quite so far away from your palm but whatever works for you.

Thanks for the reply, that was exactly what I needed to hear. Also, regarding the 4sm, I dont have big hands, im barely 6 ft so I hold my four seamer pretty far out in my hand to get whatever extra velocity i can out of it. Is that going to sacrifice accuracy for minimal speed?

You develop velocity from quicker hip/trunk turn, holding the ball farther out in your hand will give you very little velocity and sacrifice location. Get your 4seamer and 2 seam into your hand where you have good control of the ball, pull the ball down with your body and develop quicker hips.

After watching your videos I would have to agree with buwhite. You really need to do a lot of pitch and catch. From there progress to throwing then to pitching.
Your desire to pitch is admirable. you’ve done your homework. Now its time to put it to practice. I feel you really need to start with the basics of throwing mechanics. forget pitching mechanics for the time being. just get comfortable throwing the baseball to a specific target, preferably a catcher, and add in the pitching mechanics gradually.
Your grips look good for the most part. I feel like you should concentrate on throwing all fastballs first then add in additional pitches. What you want to avoid is getting bogged down in multiple pitching grips. Master one and move on.