Mechanics video

If you’ve got a few minutes and want to know the backstory behind me click here
to read about me. Otherwise here is the short version. I haven’t pitched in years because of an injury. I’m finally healthy and want to make the team at my college.

I went to throw the other evening and had my girlfriend take this video. It’s a little dark as it was getting dark as we got there. I’ve looked at the video dozens of times and I can see a few things that I need to work on.

  1. My arms never reach an ‘equal and opposite’ position, my glove hand immediately curls under towards my side.
  2. I also know that my stride is a little short. You can see the spot where my foot lands and the loose dirt where my foot has landed there several times. I’m 6’2 and that spot is just over 5 foot from the mound.
  3. I don’t see nearly enough hip/shoulder seperation, but I can’t pick out what is causing it (I’m also sure this is one of the things holding back velocity. I’m only throwing around 75 right now, which is slower than I was throwing at 13.).
  4. The last thing I saw that I don’t like is the way my back leg crosses over in front of my stride leg. It results in being in awful fielding position and I’m sure has another negative effect.

1)I see one thing before you even start move the glove alittle farther away.

  1. This is probably a habbit but dont take such a big step back

  2. When you realease go into a fielding position dont just stop your momentum to get back on the rubber

It is flat gound so i can’t make any judgements. Control will usually be bad on flat ground and balls would be hit harder.