Mechanics Update

Focused on moving my center faster and I like the results. Felt like the ball was was really flying out of my hand. First pitch was a change, then a curve, and last one was a fastball.

My mechanics have been feeling and look much more consistent lately, so I have been very happy with that.

I was reading a post by ThinkTank about a pitcher he worked with that he had work on moving his center faster and how it helped. I noticed the same ‘elbow’ thing he mentions.

My other focuses actually tied in very well to working on moving my center faster and I liked the results, which can been seen in the video.

Let me know what you think! Thanks!

Side note: My change and curve ended low, but my last fastball was right where I wanted it. So my accuracy felt good as well

Im not an expert but those are some sound mechanics, very nice how you didnt change your mechanics based on the pitch you were throwing, another thing I need to work on. How many days a week do you run mechanics drills? How many per session how long?

Thanks! I worked hard to get them.

It really depends on what you mean by mechanic work. Mentally, I think about my mechanics constantly and try to take mental ‘reps’ throughout the day. Maybe when I’m watching t.v. and it’s a commercial, listening to music, or doing chores or something like that.

I throw as often or as little as I like. I usually like to long toss and then go into ‘mechanic work’-like what you see in the videos, on a mound-but I don’t force myself everytime to long toss or to do extensive mechanical work. An example would be before that video, I didn’t long toss at all. I warmed up well, but I kept it around 90ft.

When I throw on my own, I don’t hold myself to a certain number of pitches. I try to listen to my body and go off that.

I do mechanic work everytime I go out and throw, though. Whether I only do a couple of pitches or a bunch, I like to work at my mechanics every chance I get.

I don’t have an exact number of times I do it or an exact number of reps and stuff, but I do have one rule when I do go throw. I throw until I can’t do it wrong or until something hurts.

You could very easily do drills to work on mechanics every single day, whether you actually go out and throw and not. I find that when I’m thinking about my mechanics, going through my motion slowly as I think, helps me to better visual what I’m trying to do.

Listen to your arm and your body and be smart about them.

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