Mechanics-Take a look

I like my mechanics much more in this video than previous ones for three simple reasons:

-I’m much more in control and relaxed
-I’m having a lot easier time repeating them
-My accuracy has improved when I do the first two

Let me know what you think!

I like the slide step. It looks like you are generating the same power from the high kick and the slide. If both are equally accurate, you can mix up their usage to keep hitters off balance. Also, if there is a speed difference between the two, for example, if your fastball is harder with the high kick, you could throw your change out of the high kick to really mess with hitters who think the gas is coming.

I’m not a real elbows over shoulders at equal and opposite kinda guy, but you seem to get into a good throwing position in time, so whatever works best for you, would be the way to go.

Improved power , but you will have accuracy issues.

Improved power , but you will have accuracy issues.

Looking good, J !

Really like the mechanics. Looks good. The scap loading, the timing, separation, ER, finish. All look much improved.

I do disagree with Plaz about the accuracy issues. I think you’ve done your homework and can maintain your accuracy with your power gains.