Mechanics/ Suggestions?

15 Yr. old JV High School This game had 9k’s in 4 innings 1 hit no walks. He’s looking for a little more speed on the fastball. He’s hitting 80 MPH but wants more!!!

Are you having any issues? You look great, You may want to add more intent in there somewhere or not (I say not because you may be happy with your location and command and velocity…of course that would make you some pretty rare cheese :wink: )…I like how you use your bottom half good good good…it will take a bunch of load off of your shoulder. You didn’t give us any info so everything else needs info to be worth much, grade, age, issues or problems, type of success…all that stuff can give us better insight into how or even if you need assistance…heck…it’s ok just to drop a vid and say…Man! I’m having a great season!!!

The only thing i can see from the quality on the video is that your not getting full use of your back leg during arm acceleration. Your not getting a full extension of the back leg and a in a few pitches your back foot leaves the rubber to soon.

There is very little back leg drive. With improvement of the back leg and more efficiently pushing off the rubber you will see your stride and momentum towards the plate increase which ultimately determine velocity.