Mechanics Review Update


Hello all,

On 2/8/2009 I took some video of my 9 year old son pitching and then asked for input from users of this forum. Here is the link to that video.

On 2/15/2009 I took more video documenting the changes he has made to his mechanics based on information provided by the forum users. Here is the link to that video.

The difference one week of work has made is amazing to me. We are still working on making sure he does not end up in an inverted “w” and making sure he remains explosive off of his back leg.

Any additional input will be absolutely welcomed!

Thanks in advance,


I mean is your son throwing the baseball harder, has his control gotten better? That looks awesome, his effort looks minimal and his drive really looks like it is going towards the target. His synchronization of his lower half and upper half are much better, and as he is traveling towards the glove it looks as if his motion is gaining strength and not all of a sudden shooting energy every which way. Just stay focused on that back leg drive, but make sure it is not a lunge. The difference is the previous Mason has that front shoulder slightly open and that upper half is more over the front side at footplant, pretty much already having released energy to the target. The new Mason, has that upper half stretching out more, and his back foot is not rolled over but still driving his body linearly towards the target not getting fully rotational just yet. Looks awesome! Oh, and one more thing as I am looking at them right next to each other, his scap load on the new guy is evident on the older footage not so much. I really would like to know has his velocity gone up?


To tell you the truth I have no new radar gun readings to give you regarding his velocity. He has always thrown extremely hard - has been gunned at 63 mph late last spring. I would question this reading, but the proof is in the way the hitters respond to him. We faced a 10 year old “major” traveling team in a scrimmage on Friday night. He struck out 5 of the 6 he faced with many of them swinging so late it seemed the ball was already in the glove. I think he has allowed something like 10 hits total since he started pitching last spring. He has recently been invited to play with a group of 11 and 12 year olds. No way we are going there with him only being 9. He also has a nice change-up. Enough bragging…back to work!

He does seem to be throwing harder - but the amazing thing is how much more effortless the whole process seems. In short, he does seem to be throwing harder. Control has never been an issue. I can say that he struggled some with control the bullpen after he implemented the changes. He improves in this aspect each time we work.

I agree with you regarding his rotation being more on time now with some scap loading being evident.

Thanks for the input,


that looks good to me. keep it up


Thanks Dusty. I look forward to reading what you have to say and respect your viewpoints.



i don’t see a lot of difference in the 2 clips. i have no big problems with either clip. here is one thing you might want to do. you must be care ful and monitor him closely when you do it. you must stand right there with him. i did this with my son when he was young and it worked pretty well.

have him practice and throw until he is tired, then work a 70% bullpen. i must emphasize that this is a 70% PEN. if he throws harder than that he could really hurt himself. but if he just throws smooth when he is tired, it may settle his motion down. he is trying to throw hard which is very good, but i would like to see him quiet is smaller muscles, and use his big muscles more. my son did this better when he was tired and when he used a running start to throw long toss.

just something to think about. he looks good, don’t take this as a i think he needs to change something big. just might make him better. but BE CAREFUL, it can be dangerous.