Mechanics questions

I have just recently decided to go for baseball and I am having trouble deciding which major leaguers mechanics I should use. My final choice is between Jake Peavy’s mechanics or Matt Cains mechanics. Who’s do you think I should mimic?

Neither. There may be certain elements of those guys’ deliveries that most pitchers have in common and it would be good to emulate those things. But to emulate the entire delivery of a particular pitcher would only make sense if you had the exact same body type, strength, flexibility, etc.

when i learned my mechanics i just let my body do what it wanted to then i tweaked it.

Videotape yourself fielding a ground ball at 3B and throw to the 1B as hard as you can. Compare to a pitcher that is similar as a model to improve upon. Or you can throw a ball from the outfield. Usually the way you throw as a fielder is the same as a pitcher.

I have seen a sidearmer (Jay Marshall of the A’s) not be able to make a proper throw to 1B because it’s not “natural” for him.