Mechanics Problem?

I’m 49 and determined to pitch in our over-48 league. I’ve been practicing for several months now but am having a terrible time hitting the target. In particular, it seems that every-other pitch is flying-off high and inside (i.e., at the right-handed batter’s head). I’m a righty too. It’s really weird and I don’t seem to have any control over it happening.

Is there any particular mechanical thing that I could be doing wrong that would cause a high-inside pitch like that?


Of course without actually seeing you pitch it could be a number of things. But here are a few that I know that could cause high inside pitches.

  1. Opening up to soon.
  2. Stride foot landing to far to the right, usaully caused by one.
  3. Release point - to early release or just not getting down on the ball. Could be pie throwing. Get that wrist to snap.
  4. Throwing acrossed your body.
  5. Standing too tall and not “getting over the wall”.

Well hope this helps, Iam know expert just a student of the game. This is just a few things I look for when watching my son and his team mates. As Steve has mentioned, “Get a video camera and tape yourself pitching”. Good Luck!

At our age (I am 48), your high throwing may simply be a low throwing
elbow. The proper position for your elbow is at least shoulder height
from the high cocked position thru ball release. Us "older"
athletes tend to get the elbow to the proper height at the high
cocked position, but we have a difficult time keepin it that high througout
the entire throwing sequence. Video is best, but a friend watching you should easily be able to see this. Ask him to tell you where your elbow
is in relation to your shoulder at about the time your shoulders square
to the plate. This is called “sailing”. You have seen many a little league
shortstop fumble a ball, hurry the throw, and “sail” it 10 feet over the head
of the first baseman because he never let his elbow get to the proper height. Fix this first (stretch and stretch again) before you worry about the fact that you are throwing inside. The “inside” throwing is probably a simple alignment adjustment,
that may take care of itsef once you get the ball down.
I envy your courage, good luck, and If you have known what I just said
for twenty years, i apologize.
Keep it simple: Balance, Posture, Alignment

Check where your front foot lands. Quite often pitchers who land to the left of center tend to throw high and away to lefties, up and in to righties. This causes the arm to drag putting a lot of strain on the arm. Try to keep the back toe in contact with the ground until release, this will create a better balance.

Consistently missing high and inside suggests rushing.

One way to fix this is to break your hands sooner.

Focus as hard as possible on one of the laces on the catcher’s mitt. Make sure that you step in the direction of the pitch and roll the ball off of both fingers.(or off the middle finger if you want a cutter, or off the index finger if you want a running-fastball)

The post is a little old Kev… Hopefully WildBoar has it figured out by now.

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