Mechanics overhaul

So, i ve been battling mechanics since i started baseball… i ve changed so many times i lost count.

This was shot exactly 1 week ago, i had played on sunday, so my arm was kinda tight. But with mechanics similar to this, i could throw around 70-72mph, topping at 78mph on my best days with the freshest arm (clocked on a cheap radar of ours).

but i thought, first, this looked horrible, and also that i could get much more miles using proper mechanics.
So i studied videos and books, and decided to do things new. And this is what i came up with, one week after the first video (just today):

I did have a little bit of a sore arm today also, since i played on sunday as well, so it wasnt as loose as i wanted. But anyway, i didnt feel any pain and i liked the way the ball was coming off controlled.
The velocity, i wasnt clocked, but i guess stayed between 60-65mph. But then again, i wasnt forcing at all.

So first, do you guys think the new mechanics are better?
Also what should i be looking to improve? From moving the video frame-by-frame in quicktime i can see i am not getting a very good hip-shoulder separation…

Thanks for any input guys.

and playing a little bit with picture editing, this is my desired hip/shoulder separation haha

any one else would like to give me some more tips? i appreciate!