Mechanics - Ok kiddos, let's analize this


Mechanics - Ok kiddos, let’s analize this…

On the other hand, if the kid does the job… that’s good enough for me.

Don’t try this at home guys.


Whoa… On the one hand, good mechanics after the jump, right? On the other hand–that jump??? What the–???

He’s been doing it for years clearly, because you don’t get to this level without using these mechanics for a long, long time. Wonder why some coach or even his parents didn’t change him early on though. And I wonder why he does it still today?


Looks like Happy Gilmore learned to pitch.


Bringing the crow hop to the mound I guess.


I’ve always believed that lunging - and the hard landing it creates - makes it difficult to properly sequence hip and shoulder separation. In fact, it looks to me like Capps’ hips and shoulder rotate at the same time. I’m surprised that his first pitch in the video was 98 mph without much, if any, hip and shoulder separation. Clearly, as Steven said, he has been doing this a long time and has learned to accommodate or make up for any inefficiencies in his delivery.


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