Mechanics of 15U pitcher

This is a video of him doing dry mechanics off mound with towel drill. any thing you seeplease comment. much appreciated.

just for comparison, this is him at age 14



Nice growth spurt :shock:
Whatta ya feeding him…looks like he doesn’t push away from the table too much :shock: :lol:

Now in my experience the towel drill needs a focal point, like someone with a glove standing there.
Here is an example at about the 1 minute mark

The angle is tough, but dry mechanically he looks like he can throw well.

Is he having any issues and is there any chance we can see him with some horse hide in his hand instead of cotton? It looks like you have a very nice backyard set up. You can get a good net for him to throw into for less than $100…It’s wat we did…that and a nice bucket-o-balls (We got the Wilson). If you don’t want that how about a tarp hanging so he doesn’t break your fence?

yeah, hes just over 6,3 now and around 200 pounds. I actually just catch him myself. I just sit on a bucket 60 feet away, its easy on my knees that way. There are just a couple of problems, he tends to fly open, and instead of finishing through the ball he comes off the side. Also he points his foot toward Shortstop at the top of his leg lift. Notice in the video.

Ill eventually get some video up, but hes been playing nonstop for 2 and 1/2 years. He’s got i bad popping noise everytime he rotates his arm, so were gonna take about a 4 month physical and mental break, in the mean time while he works with the weights.

Please get him looked at by a doctor during this time.
Foot to ss is just loading a bit not to worry on that.
The flying open I’d like to see with a ball throwing, it generally has to do with front side stability.
Working on keeping hand behind the ball is helped by putting tape or a line around the balls axis (Between his fingers) and getting it not to wobble…depending on arm slot it looks like \ l / …just a bit of pen work with it and he’s going to fix that…
I still catch my son too…can’t do it in weak light or indoors anymore though…I’m jealous of your set up looks really nice…Roger has a terrific pen set up in that sandbox they call Arizona…but he’s a great reference for stuff like that.

thanks, thats sounds like a good drill, we’ll try that once his arm gets healthy. Also, do you know of any good drills on getting maximum hip shouder seperation, are any post where i could find them at?

and drills?

Hope my 14 grows like that over the next year!! :shock:

What is the difference in hight and velocity between the two videos?

he grew about 2 inches, but the big part was that he put on about 20 pounds. hes probally throwings 5-6 harder now. now if we can just get that velocity jump this year, we’ll be standing in high cotton. hes throws about 82-83 right now.

He looks good, there is one important factor that he’s not utilizing and that is his ability to relax his arm through his throw (especially after passing his front leg) and have a natural 3/4 arm slot that rotates around and out over and directly opposed by the left leg. Let me know if you don’t understand what I mean.