Mechanics of 15 year old lefty, please analyze

This is my brother, he is 15, throws around 80-82 MPH, we are trying to increase his stride, get a better feeling of his release point and work on hip and shoulder separation.

Every comment is appreciated.

Saludos from the DR.

Yeah the biggest thing I can see that needs to be worked on is his stride length. It is impressive that he can throw as hard as he does with that short stride. If he can learn to take a longer stride, he will probably find a lot more velocity.

In fact he was complaining about a mini mound that were in front of him that were preventing him of striding more. They were playing a softball field, that’s the reason of the flat ground. In bullpen session on a mound with me he was striding 100% his length but falls in bad habits when he is in-game.

He tends to miss high and away to a RHB that you will see in another video I will post, is there a mechanical reason for this??

Thanks for answering.

he falls way off towards the third base side because he is so unbalanced, that is probably what’s causing his inconsistancy in release point.

Thanks for the observation, what exercises would you suggest to improve his balance in order to fall towards home plate?


he needs to focus on driving towards the catcher, and focusing all his momentum towards home plate instead of trying to throw so hard he winds up way off balance.

I disagree. Major leaguers fall off the mound and have good command. It depends on whether he begins to fall off the mound before release point or after the release point IMO. After release point there is no way it is going to affect the pitch because it is already released. Before release… well that’s another story.

i agree that major leaguers fall off the mound and still have good command, but he doesn’t so i’m just suggesting he should give it a try and see what happens.

It could just be lack of practice. Just like everything else, you need to work at command to get better at it. If you don’t throw often then chances are your command won’t increase.

Interesting observations and suggestion guys, really appreciate it. I will try what the_K_king#2 said and also will keep in mind what Offset said. This is trial and error and we still have some time before he turns 16 (which is when the scouts can sign baseball players).


This pitcher needs to fix his posture. He has a significant tilt to the glove side going into release point. This will raise and pull back his release point. It will also pull his shoulders open early which will also pull the release point back and raise it up. Those are common reasons for a LHP to missing up and way to a RHB. Get him to keep his head upright - eyes level.

Fix this and see what happens to the stride. If it doesn’ lengthen much, he probably needs more momentum but post more video so we can re-assess.

am i the ony one to notice that there is no mound in this video?

Here is another video of him, not a good one though thanks to the web behind home plate.

I mentioned earlier he was pitching in flat ground because it is a softball field. Next month he will start pitching from a mound.

Make your stride longer.