Mechanics need analyzing

My new mechanics.

Oh, and in the last clip, do you think I was too far/close or the right distance away from the pitching net?


Get some video of you up on a mound, that will change a couple of comments.

Get your hips moving a little sooner.

You need to load more weight on you back leg. It looks like you are not pushing off with it, which causes your front leg to drift and open early. But this could be because you’re throwing flat not on a mound

You need more hip shoulder separation.

You have a short stride. Again this could be because of throwing flat

Your arm action is late, it’s like your body is dragging your arm and you almost seem to be shot putting the ball

You seem to be off balance and is forcing you to follow through to the far left side.

There is little chest thrust or being a bull dog as I like to call it, get out in front over your lead knee.

You need to work on keeping your arm alignment better as well, you fly out too far when you are bringing the ball back, a way to fix this is throw with a fence or wall beside you that way it if you go too far out you’ll hit the wall.

Just some minor things I noticed, any one else feel free to chime in.

double post my bad

I tried to find something to add but I think you nailed it Wales.