Mechanics increasing velocity


Hi, are there any pitching mechanics that could increase velocity besides extending and pushing off the rubber?


delaying hand break, delaying cocked position, delaying the opening of the hips, reducing finger pressure on the baseball, minimizing the gap between your fingers when gripping the ball, centering your thumb under the ball, gripping the ball as far toward the finger tips as possible, increasing external rotation, strengthening your core and cuff as well as decelerator muscles, increasing lower body flexibility, increasing range of motion, working on lateral lunges and other dynamic balance drills…etc and so on to infinity.

  1. Increase body mass

  2. Speed up the time from stride foot contact to maximum external rotation of the throwing shoulder

  3. Get the glove arm involved

  4. Eliminate the “balance point”

  5. Increase knee flexion at foot strike

These are just a few to get you started…


Increasing the body’s rotational rate degrees/sec from pivot foot through MER is huge. Lots of time it’s not done properly and the pitcher ends up speeding his arm only. Think as low on the body as possible and the increase will be magnified.


So, have these two things happen as close together as possible but delay foot strike as late as balance will allow?