Mechanics - how important are they?

good article at “” alot of college pitching coaches give their opinion. thought it would be good for you guys to read and then bring the discussion about the article here.

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That whole site is really top notch!

Ed Lopat, besides being a key member of the Yankees’ Big Three, was a pitcher who could coach and teach, and the way he would go about it was simplicity itself. When working with a young pitcher—or even a somewhat more experienced one—he would start out by having that pitcher do some throwing to a catcher for some fifteen or twenty minutes while he watched. He would take note of certain things such as the pitcher’s windup and delivery, the release point, the follow-through, the effectiveness of the arm angle, length of stride, you name it. And he would form in his mind a jumping-off point from which he could work with that pitcher so as to maximize his—or her—effectiveness, without a lot of abstruse technicalities or confusing jargon.
And he did NOT overcoach. It was the great Bob Feller who said it best: don’t overcoach. :slight_smile: 8)

I think he rightly identifies the differing “cycles”. Also it is very interesting that multi mentioned items include the ability to “feel” and repeatability of the delivery. Nearly a de-emphasis by the majority.

I think that if in fact they all recruit based on these statements that we’ll have a new awakening of delivery style diversity (Guys like Satchel and Tiant and Marischall who would show many different arm angles and “mechanics”) which I think is a hopeful thing and a very positive development.

here’s part 2 of the discussion. just came out today.

Feel, repeatable, muscle memory …great stuff to hear.

Also , this jumped out at me :

“However I think that most of the times if you throw the ball with proper intent and energy when you play catch or long toss then mechanics work themselves out”

Young (and old) pitchers need to learn to play perfect catch … then get on the hill , be an athlete and compete.