Mechanics Help

I need help in my mechanics, today i was throwing and practicing my new mechanics, and i felt good throwing with my new mechanics but i think i wasnt getting much velocity on my pitches, so i was wondering what mechanics that you guys might know that will help me throw harder, i know about the hips but i juss dont know if im doing it right, and i feel that when i start moving my hips forward my body moves to fast and my arm stays back, what i mean by that is my arm stays back and when i land on my landing foot my arm flings forward. Is that the right way or the wrong way because i dont feel comfortable.

I havent tried moving my hips forward when im throwing i have done it without throwing because if i will do it with a ball i think that im not going to control the ball. So if anybody has any comments that could help me in this let me know. :slight_smile: